How do you play the candy bar bridal shower game?


To play the candy bar bridal shower game, write down several clues that point to the names of candy bars, such as the clue 'the groomsmen' which goes with a '3 Musketeers' candy bar. Purchase the candy bars and secure them to a poster board with the list of clues. The guest that correctly answers the most clues wins a prize.
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1. Create a list of questions that can be answered with the name of a well-known candy. The more questions you can think of, the better. For example, you could ask: "What would
Gather up about 10 common items from around the house or office
may i remind you this IS a BRIDAL SHOWER and not your 8th birthday man.
Video: How to Play "The Wedding Night" Bridal Shower Game. with Savanna Gray. Bridal showers should be a celebration leading up to the bride's big day, so have fun with
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