How do you play the card game Aggravation?


Aggravation is a card game that is a variation of Contract Rummy. You play the game with four decks of cards. There can be from three to six players using the four decks. If more than six are playing you add another deck of cards. Cards have values and you need to have sets of matches like three of a kind and up to win. You take turns drawing cards and discarding. 
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1. Find a group of friends to play the Aggravation Card Game. The minimum number of players for the Aggravation Card Game is three, and the maximum is six. The ideal number of players
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How to Play the Aggravation Card Game
Aggravation is a card game that makes traditional Rummy a lot more interesting. In Aggravation, the playing deck is made up of a combination of four playing decks. This allows players to have many more cards to draw from to form their meld combinations.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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