How to Play the Nervous Game?


The nervous game is a two or more person game, where one person lays on the floor, and the other person proceeds to touch them in increasingly intimate areas, always asking 'are you nervous?' after each movement. If the person ever answers 'yes' the game stops, but if they do not, the game continues to go.
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You need to have input device such as Joystick & Keyboard to play games. Key notations are given in game help. Refer them and enjoy the game.
Nervous is a game where one person puts their hand on different parts of anothers
It depends on the version but the watered down version or really any of them just dont think about it and you wont get nervous.
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The nervous game is played with two people. One person touches the other, starting from either the head or the leg. As you move our hand to other parts of the body, you ask if the person being touched is nervous. The game ends when they say yes.
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