How do I pluck a duck?


To pluck a duck or a chicken you take the dead bird and dip it into very hot, hot water then pull the feathers out. Keep dipping and pulling until all the feathers are plucked.
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1. Dismember the bird's extremities. Cut the wings off as close as possible to the wing joints. Cut the legs off above its "knees. 2. Rough pluck the duck. Using your fingers
pull out the feather gently so you dont spook it unles its dead then just do watever
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How to Pluck a Duck
You've been duck hunting, and it's been a good day. You have successfully killed the ducks, and now they are waiting for you to dress them. Or, maybe someone has given you a couple birds. No matter how you acquire the birds, you need to know how to dress... More »
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Before you pluck a duck, cut off wings and feet. Then dip and hold in boiling hot water for a few minutes. Take out and start plucking.
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