Where do you point the Dish Network satellite dish?


The direction a Dish Network satellite dish is pointed (consisting of the azimuth and elevation) depends on the geographic location of the dish. The direction can be south-southwest or south-southeast depending on which set of satellites the dish is accessing.

Satellite dishes have three directional components: skew, azimuth and elevation, according to Dishpointer. The skew is the tilt to the left or right, the azimuth is the compass direction and the elevation is how high the dish is aimed. Dish Network uses two sets of satellites called Western Arc and Eastern Arc, and the settings for each dish are different for both sets.

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How to Point a Dish Network Dish
Pointing a Dish Network dish in the correct manner takes a lot of small, precise adjustments. However, with the help of a handheld level tool, the satellite receiver and the signal meter screen the receiver provides, these adjustments in elevation and... More »
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