How to Polish a Montblanc Pen?


Montblanc pens are considered to be amongst the finest pens on the market. They are also highly collectible. Polishing these pens should be left to their Customer Service department.
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How to Polish a Montblanc Pen
Mont Blanc pens are not only noted writing instruments, but sought after collectibles, as well. There are few things that damage the value of a collectible more than attempting to restore it, but cleaning and polishing your Mont Blanc pen, whether it is... More »
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1. Hold the pen securely in one hand. Avoid polishing any part of the pen aside from the outside surface with the piano polish. 2. Spray the piano polish directly onto the surface
One can purchase a Montblanc Meisterstuck pen at Bloomingdales or Saks Fifth Avenue. This pen can be purchased online at Amazon, eBay, Pen Place and Pen Boutique.
This is not the place for your question, but why not just take it to a stationery store?
Mpst Montblanc pens range from about $230-345. There are some special
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