How to Polish Black Lacquer Furniture?


To polish black lacquer furniture To polish black lacquer furniture you simply need a dry cloth.  Polish in straight stokes in little sections at a time.  To clean black lacquer furniture use a damp cloth and the same strokes then polish the furniture with a dry cloth. 
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1. Use plain water to clean black lacquer furniture. Dust, using a slightly damp, soft cloth. Using straight strokes and very little pressure go over a section around eight to 10
The term that you used, Lacquer, tells all. The preparation that you do to the furniture and the amount of coats you use will determine the end results.
w/ a cleaner like endust or a light lemon oil. never use anything abrasive. only soft cloths. once the wood is clean a very fine layer of tung oil will take out the fine scratches
Good Housekeeping suggests the following: Lacquer's hard, shiny finish needs to be treated carefully to avoid scratches. The age - and quality - of your piece will determine the best
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How to Polish Black Lacquer Furniture
Black lacquer furniture originated in Asia. The base of the furniture was often made with wood, bamboo or even paper. Liquid lacquer was applied in layers. Each layer was allowed to dry and then was polished. Although durable, black lacquer furniture... More »
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Lacquer Furniture Polish gives a glossy appearance to furniture. Lacquer Furniture Polish should be a solvent-based cleaner to clean the furniture followed by ...
To decorate with Italian black-lacquer furniture, splatter the apartment a simple neutral color like white or gray. Select one or two accent colors to operate ...
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