How do you polish deer antlers?


You can polish deer antlers by purchasing a deer antler polisher from a local sporting goods supply store. You can use a rag to polish the antlers by rubbing the polish over the length of the antler. I recommend scraping off any dirt or debris before polishing the antler.
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1. Choose a polishing product that will give you the desired color you're looking for. Brown shoe polish will help to darken and shine up the color. Furniture polish or any wood polish
I would say that deer antlers are about 39inches. They can grow 1.5inches a day!
That chalky feeling is from the sun bleaching them. The longer it sits in the sun, the more they'll get bleached by the sun. To finish them, you can do one or two things: 1- Buy a
Deer antlers can be made into very nice home decorations. You can simply mount the antlers on the wall above the fireplace, or you can make a lamp out of these antlers. You do not
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How to Polish Deer Antlers
Many hunters not only enjoy the pursuit of wild game animals for food, but also for sport. Those who perform sport hunting often like to mount the antlers from deer, elk or even moose. Over time, the antlers can dry out and start to look ragged or worn.... More »
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