How to Polish Stones?


You can polish stones by either using a hand sander or a rock tumbler. A rock tumbler is a machine that is used to polish rocks. You will first of all need to put in the rocks, add a bit of water and some abrasive grit into the rock tumbler machine. You will need to wait for at least a week for the rocks to be fully polished remove the stones and wash them thoroughly afterwards. You can repeat the process and let it stay for a longer time if you are not satisfied with the results.
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1. Clean all the dirt and debris off the stones. You can simply put all the rocks in a bucket of hot soapy water and let them soak; then rinse them off. Ad. 2. Select the stone that
Rocks are polished in a tumbler. Procedure is to tumble the rocks w...
how do you polish agate and jasper stone.
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How to Polish Stones
As any dedicated rock collector knows, keeping stones polished is the key to maintaining their natural beauty. Fortunately, the natural hardness and fortitude of stones makes them easy to polish and ensures that you needn't be mindful of fragility when... More »
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There are two ways to polish stones. You can either use a grinder or a rock tumbler. The benefits of using a tumbler is that you just set up the machine and wait, it will do everything for you. If you are going to use a grinder, you will need a belt sander, dust mask and some protective eye gear. Put on your protective gear and start by using the coarsest sandpaper rubbing the stone slowly working your way up to a more fine sand paper, it is important to be patient and don?t be in a hurry when rubbing the stone. Finish polishing the stone with the finest sandpaper until you are satisfied with the results.
You can take any stone and make it smooth. It does take some time but there are fairly priced machines that can help you.They are sold for any size stone.
Stones can be polished by using a rock tumbler. With a rock tumbler, the machine does the work for you. You can also sand the stones to polish them. A belt sander or a hand sander will work.
The easiest way is to get a rock tumbler that does the work for you. But here is a sanding procedure. Start with a very gritty sandpaper and shape the stone. Then go to a finer medium one and get the roughness off the stone. Switch to a finer one to get more of the scratches out and then a finer one to get smooth. Polish the stone and it will look fantastic.
To polish stones you need to tumble them with different levels of grit and water. You start out with a very coarse grit and then work your way to the polishing sand.
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