How to Politely Ask Someone to Leave?


A polite way to ask someone to leave is to ask him or her to one side, out of the view of others, and directly but kindly tell the person to leave. It is best to add the reason why the person is asked to leave the premises and escort him or her on the way outside.
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1. Start cleaning up the house. Pick up plates, drinks and napkins, take out the trash, and sweep the kitchen. Some of your guests will take the hint and start wrapping it up. 2.
If it's in a relationship just say were having differences right now and I'm really feeling as if I need my own space and I think we should stop seeing each other. If it someone who
You can really do this one of two ways. 1. You can still be stubtle, but you have to be bull headed. You have to come up with excuses and when it's time for her to leave, you have
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How to Ask Someone to Leave Politely
Entertaining a group of friends generates conversation and pleasant memories for all who are invited. A party that lasts well into the night means a great time for everyone but the host, who has to clean up and then arise early the following morning for... More »
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