How to Position Dots on a Pool Table?


You'll want to have those dots in the correct spot so you can make your angle shots. You'll need a tape measure, marker pencil or pen, pool table D marking stick and a pack of spots. Full instructions can be found at the following link .
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How to Position Dots on a Pool Table
Pool is a fun game for enthusiasts of all ages. If you are setting up a pool table in your home, you may be confused as to how to set up the dots or spots that denote where you should rack the balls and other rules for play. These dots are easy to apply,... More »
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1. Measure your table so that you know what size it is. Pool tables come in 4-by-8 foot, 4.5-by-9 foot, 5-by-10 foot or 6-by-12 foot sizes. The size of your table will change where
The only dot typically applied to a pool table is for the rack spot. This spot is located where the foot line and center line cross. The foot line is an imaginary line connecting
The dots show where you should rack the balls and other rules. They
They are there to help you bank better. Here are a couple of sites that should help. Top one is the diamond system, second shows alot about pool. Have fun!! Source(s):
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Pool is a game also known as billiards. There are dots on the pool table that are shaped like diamonds. They are used for base calculations of angles for shots. ...
To put a pool table together you need to first measure the room that you are putting it into to find the best position for it. The best place is in the center ...
Setting up a pool table is done by placing the balls into the triangular shape ball holder. Put the black ball which is the 8 ball in the center. Place on dot ...
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