Postponing a Court Date?


Postponing a court date depends on several factors. It is easy to postpone a court date if this is the first time. You can postpone the date with the help of an attorney or do it yourself. You need to access the court by phone and provide the court with the case number and details of the case. You should also give them sufficient reason to postpone the case. If you are unable to postpone the date, you have to attend the trial by any means.
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How to Postpone a Court Date
The ability to postpone a court date depends on a number of factors in the legal system. This includes how many times you have asked to hold off the same trial in the past and whether it is a pretrial hearing (also referred to as the "the discovery... More »
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1. Call the "court administration" for the county that you've been charged in. It can be found in the "government pages" section of your local phone-book or through
call the number to your city hall and asked to be directed to whomever it is you need to talk to. then explain your situation as to why you want to change your court date. if they
Doctor's Excuse. If you can't get one, then when you go to court ask if the officer who gave you the ticket is there, chances are slim that the officer showed, and before entering
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When a court date has been set for hearing, it is possible that something comes up that necessitates the date to be postponed. The reasons for postponing the date ...
To postpone a court date call the court administration for the county that you've been charged in. Discuss it with your county defense attorney and do what he ...
A continuance court date is a request to delay or postpone the trial. You can ask for a continuance by submitting your request in writing at several weeks before ...
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