How to Potty Train a Pomeranian?


Be patient and consistent. Take your pomeranian out after every meal and nap. Praise him a lot when he does the right thing, maybe offer a favorite treat or toy. Your pomeranian will love the positive feedback and catch on very quickly.
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How to Potty Train a Pomeranian
The Pomeranian is a jovial little breed of dog. Commonly seen as lap dogs and companions, the Pomeranian has been in existence for hundreds of years. Descendants of large Northern sled dog breeds, the Pomeranian was bred from small sled pullers in an... More »
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1. Set your Pomeranian's crate up in a quiet, low-traffic area of your home. Your Pom will need to relax and have a space of her own, and the crate is well suited for this purpose
Pomeranians have a mind of their own and once that mind is made up, that's it. This beautiful little dog can be as stubborn as..well..a mule!!! It takes a lot of time and patience
Hi Elis, Congratulations on your new Pomeranian Puppy! It is not easy to train a puppy, especially when you live on floor 12! If you truly want her to learn to NOT pee in your apartment
Do not let them run loose in the house. Confine them to a utility room or keep them in an exercise pen and take them outside or to an area that you want them to potty each time you
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To train a pomeranian, you need to start the training session as early as you can. It is best to start when they are very young with no bad habits. Train the pomeranian ...
It is a lot easier to potty train a girl than it is a boy. You can give them a snack when they go potty on the toilet. You can make it fun for them with a song. ...
1. The first step is to begin with a happy dog. Your Pomeranian will not submit to your commands if he/she is not in an agreeable mood. Do not attempt this after ...
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