How to Prepare a Table of Specification?


When you prepare a table of specification you should first make a plan about how you will organize your content. Then make columns depending on the topics you want to cover and also rows for all the subjects involved. Include the numbers and the percentages. The table of specification has to be concise and clear, it should represent a map for you and your work.
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Prepare a table of specification is your way of forming a personal guide. By simplifying your method of creating this table you must list all the topics that are related to the subject in your course. For more information look here:;
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It is necessary to prepare a table of specification because this table allows the teacher to determine how much time is required to focus on each subject of the test. The table offers
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I believe that the best table topics are rarely pre prepared. That defeats the whole exercise. Learning to think on your feat and respond to the topic intuitively is the key. You
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A table of specification or Tos is a chart that breaks down the topics that will be on a test and the amount of test questions or a fraction of weight each section ...
A table of specification is chart that includes topics that are to be included on a test. It also includes the number of possible number of questions for that ...
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