How do you prepare a wall for plastering?


Preparing a wall to be plastered can involve different steps depending on the material the wall is made out of. The wall must be cleaned, dried and made relatively smooth. For more information, you can visit:
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1. Patch and fill any cracks or holes (see Related eHows). 2. Let any wet spots dry completely before painting or you'll be plagued with moisture problems.
Sure, you are now ready to refurbish your home interior with a new coat of paint. Yet are you sure that your plaster walls are ready for the first coat? This guide will help you get
it is prepared from gypsum.
1. Check the wall intended for shelving with a stud finder. Normally studs provide an excellent anchor foundation for shelves, but their location may interfere with the symmetry desired
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How to Prepare a Plaster Wall for Painting
Before painting plaster walls, you need to make repairs to cracked, loose or damaged plaster. If your plaster walls have imperfections, all of the time you take to paint will be wasted. You may need to re-plaster some areas, so plan a day or more for... More »
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