How to Prepare for an Ice Storm?


Preparing for an ice storm consists of gathering supplies and making sure your home and family are safe. Purchase supplies, such a foam insulation tubing, faucet insulation covers, and blankets. Buy cases of water and canned foods to feed your family and yourself. Buy some firewood for the fireplace, as well as other fire building supplies you may not have in the house. (i.e. matches) Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of propane in the tank if your home runs on propane. If it is going to be a hard freeze, make sure you have a back-up generator so that if your local power goes out, you will have power for your home. You will also need flashlights and candles for a light source if the power goes out.
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1 Make sure to park all vehicles in a safe place, such as a garage if possible. Trees will freeze. When the limbs get too heavy from all the ice, they will break off. When they do
Here are several websites listing ways to prepare. The first one is the list provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency:
1. Pick up basic survival items. You should have enough supplies to survive without leaving your house for a few days, as well as tools to help you leave if necessary. Stock up on
Stock up on emergency supllies like candles, a radio with battery, flashlight, water and food (that does not need to be cooked), and a can opener. You may want to turn off your water
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Preparing for the possibility of a serious winter storm can save lives and make recovery efforts more effective.
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An ice storm refers to a storm of freezing rain that leaves behind an ice coating. This type of storm usually happens in winter and it is also referred to as a ...
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An ice storm refers to a type of winter storm characterized by freezing rain. It is caused when a layer of warm air is between two layers of cold air. The ice ...
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