How should you present an award?


When you present an award to someone, you want to show appreciation to the person. You want to talk about the persons accomplishments and you want to congratulate them for their success.
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1. Order the award in plenty of time. Start shopping for the award early and discuss turnaround time with the vendor. Allow enough leeway to return the award if it is not correct
you properly present an award by shaking the he or she hands saying thank you to what he or she did and take a picture
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1. Choose a gift card in an amount that the recipient can use. While you may have the best intentions of giving a $10 gift card to a store that sells no items for under $40, it won't
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How to Present an Award
Receiving an award is a special time in anyone's life. If you're the one doing the presenting, a little planning can make the moment even more meaningful. Whether you're hosting a large ceremony or presenting the award by teleconference, keep in mind a... More »
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