How to Preserve a Butterfly?


Butterflies can be preserved by mounting and framing them. There are several methods which can be used to preserve the beauty of the butterfly. This includes, taping the wings down or pinning the wings down.
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1. Rehydrate dried butterflies in a relaxing chamber. If you try to spread the wings of a dried butterfly they will break and crumble. If your butterfly specimens are fresh and not
Crushed figs(5 lbs) 3lbs sugar, 1/4 cup water. Cook on low fire till it is amber color. Taste to liking and put in canning jars. Then water bath it about 10 min.
1. Try to keep them out of sunlight. The sunlight will fade the color on the wings. 2. Try to keep
If you can, try not to kill the butterfly yourself, try and find one that has died of its own accord. But anyway: "You need either some Balsa Wood or some other soft, yet firm,
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Ways to Preserve a Butterfly
Observing different species of butterflies is a great hobby. Monarch, swallowtail, crescentspot and Viceroy are just a few of the varieties that people love to collect and study. If you live in an area inhabited by the many species of butterflies, you... More »
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To preserve a butterfly you will need to freeze it and place a pin through the throax (where the legs come out from) and make sure it wings are lying flat. For best results place it between two pices of way paper.
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