How do you preserve a coconut shell?


To preserve a coconut shell, you should first remove the flesh of the coconut, and then you place the shells in a dry place with their open sided facing up for about 8 days. Next, smooth its outside with sandpaper, and polish its inner side with a layer of coconut oil.
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Things You'll Need. Hammer. Long nail. Glass or bowl. Large towel. Small handsaw (optional). Sandpaper. Paring knife. Olive or coconut oil. Instructions. Use the hammer and nail to
1 Locate the dark indentations on the coconut. On 1 end of your coconut, there will be 2 or 3 dark indentations. These indentations are the coconut's weakest points. Ad 2 Drive a
Sooner or later it would crack indeed.You could try to fill it up with hot liquid paraffin (careful not to burn yourself) which would be hard after cooling off but it will be too
Coconuts contain white, juicy flesh and a delicious drink commonly called "coconut water. These nuts grow on the tropical coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) known as "the tree
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How to Preserve a Coconut Shell
The very act of opening a coconut shell has confounded many. Coconuts have a hard, thick covering that can be remarkably resistant if not approached in a certain way. The fresh "meat" of a coconut is a flavorful treat that in no way resembles the... More »
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