How to Prevent Deforestation?


You can do your part in countering deforestation by planting trees. Also, recycle and products made of wood or paper. Check your local area for recycling facilities.
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plant more trees.
Albedo is the measure of the power with which any surface reflects sunlight. Forests absorb solar radiation through leaves on trees and have a low albedo. Deforested regions have
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Deforestation is basically the result of rampant cutting and felling of trees, especially in forests which play a major role in causing rain. This is a world-wide phenomenon and very
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There are a number of activities that can be performed to prevent deforestation. Recycle as much paper as possible, as about 300 tons of paper is produced annually. Certifications, such as the one by Forest Stewardship Council identify rainforest friendly products. Plant a tree and save water.
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