How to Prevent Droughts?


The best way to prevent droughts is to preserve as much water as you can. Take showers instead of baths and turn off the water whenever your not using it.
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We can do the following to prevent drought: 1. Grow more trees. 2. Develop irrigation facilities by building dams. 3. We should indulge in rain water harvesting. 4. Save water to
It's pretty hard to prevent a drought in terms of a lack of rainfall but you can better manage how you use, conserve and store water. There may be some impact on rainfall due to climate
Droughts will always occur in the future. There will be no way to reduce the number of droughts. What can be done, however, is to reduce the impacts from each drought. And to do that
We can't. Our environment is unpredictable and will likely remain that way until our species expires. We can attempt to plan for the hardships that we may encounter, but we won't
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You can decrease your water usage by only taking four minute showers, washing your car at a car wash versus your home, watering your garden only when needed.
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