How do you prevent floods?


Don't build in the areas that waterways can and will claim if the amount of water pouring causes the flooding condition. It is that simple.
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1. Mow surrounding grass, and remove weeds. Dead grass and weeds can clog your stream and cause water to back up. Keeping the area clear of grass and weeds minimizes the risk of clogging
The water rests on the trees and then evaporates instead of going to the ground and flooding.
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The best way to prevent a flood is to ensure drainage in a particularly problematic body of water. This can be accomplished by building flood plains. Another idea is by the use of a levee system, but if it fails the damage could be worse, due to the levees.
Floods are a devastating natural disaster that can take lives and destroy buildings. To prevent floods, hillsides should be terraced. Levees, dams and reservoirs can help retain extra water as well.
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