How to Prevent Natural Disasters?


Floods can be prevented by maintaining a proper drainage system for the area if they are prone to floods. Decreasing the harmful gasses in the air will also help to decrease the risk of disasters.
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There is no prevention for this as it occurs inside the earth and we cannot have a control on it.
Natural disasters are caused by many different things. For example, an earthquake is caused by the great amounts of stress that is held in the tectonic plates. This eartquakes sometimes
1. Formulate a disaster plan for yourself and family. In the event of an earthquake, flood, tornado or hurricane, know which areas in your home are the safest, such as a bathroom
1 Determine the hazards you could face. Also, consider hazardous materials spills, plane crashes, train derailments, i.e. those hazards that may not be "natural". Local
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Effective natural disaster management saves lives. Procedures set in place before a catastrophe occurs ensure a speedier and more effective response. Preventative ...
There is no way on how to prevent natural calamities. However, impact of natural disasters can be mitigated. For instance, early warning mechanisms may be employed ...
A disaster is a devastating loss. Examples are a natural disaster, fashion disaster, stock market crash or a robbery. ...
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