How to Prevent Noise Pollution?


If you want to prevent noise pollution you simply need to watch the noise you make at certain times of the night. If the noise comes from someone else record it and report it.
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You can prevent noise pollution by using your horn only when necessary. If you are not driving your car or any other vehicle, shut it off. Try to walk for a change.
Some towns and cities actually have laws and limist as to the noise pollution that its citizens can make. If you individually wanted to reduce noise pollution you could try some eay
1. Politely tell neighbors if they are making too much noise or the music is up too loud. Ad. 2. Avoid making noise yourself. You CAN make a difference, and here are some of the ways
Noise pollution is too bad cause it turns into hearing loss for us. People who suffer from mild loss of hearing can keep up with conversations if they pay close attention to the individuals
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How to Prevent Noise Pollution
One man's music heaven may be another's living hell. Noise pollution is often in the ear of the beholder, but if you use common sense and keep your chosen noises to yourself, you won't have to worry about being charged as a polluter. Noise from... More »
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Replace a noisy muffler. Street noise is one of the toughest to tackle, and you can eliminate some by making your vehicle as quiet as possible. ...
Steps that can be taken to control noise pollution include erecting barriers to insulate noise producers, installing materials that absorb sound, dissipating noise-generating ...
The noise pollution may lead to effects such as hearing impairment, interference with spoken communication, sleep disturbances and cardiovascular disturbances. ...
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