How to Price Cleaning Per the Square Foot?


You can charge $0.015 per square foot. Multiply the area of the place by the number of times it was cleaned. Again, multiply the product by 0.015 and you get the cleaning price per square foot.
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1. Divide the total number amount of money received by the total square feet cleaned. Using the above example, this amounts to $600/40,000 square feet, which is $0.015 per square
There is approximately 11 356.5267 kg/ s squared BTU's, or Basic Transmission Units in every square footage with regards to heating your home.
Fees & charges change from town to town, region to region.
The. home price per square foot. averages in a neighborhood are sometimes used by home buyers to establish value. Most buyers believe if the average per-square-foot price for a month
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How to Price Cleaning Per the Square Foot
If you are in the floor cleaning business, you need to know how much you are charging per square foot. This will allow you to be consistent in your pricing for each job completed and not short change you or the customer. For example, say your first... More »
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