How to Prime a Jet Pump?


This is how to prime a jet pump. Start by making sure that connections are tight. This prevents loss of priming. Make sure the pump and pipes are completely filled with water to prevent the presence of air which can effect pressure and priming. If the air does not get removed, the pump will not prime. Once all air is removed and water is in place, prime the pump. It should produce water within five minutes. If not, repeat the steps.
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1. Unscrew the pump's priming cap or pull out its priming plug. The cap or plug will be located on the top of the pump. Place a water hose into the hole revealed. 2. Turn on the water
Sometimes pool pumps need to be primed in order for them to start drawing water through the system. With any pump, priming just means filling it up before you turn it on, so as it
You must fill it and the lines with water before turning it on. if you are un able to fill it completely full than you can keep adding water while it is on and the once it begins
Turn pump on,pour water in the 3/4 plug on the top of pump.feathering the valve so its not open all the way.
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1. Locate the priming plug on your pump (see picture). 2. Unfasten the plug. 3. Fill the pump with water. Both the pump and suction pipe should be filled. 4. Re-insert ...
1. Take the plug out of the priming tee at the top of the Sta-Rite pump by gripping the square head with adjustable pliers and turning counter clockwise. 2. Place ...
1. Shut off power to the deep well jet pump. Take out the small priming plug inserted into the top hole of the pump. Place a running water hose at the hole and ...
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