How to Print a Calendar?


To print a calendar, you first need to create it, using desktop publishing software. If the calendar is ready, you can connect a printer to the computer you used for creating the calendar. If you have to move the calendar to print it elsewhere, the best option is to first convert the calendar to a portable document format (.PDF), because the computer you use for printing may lack the software you used to create it but can read a PDF file.
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You can print a calendar from a variety of websites, even free ones. You have to decide if you want it filled in or blank and if you want holidays on there as well. Just make sure you follow the directions for how to set your printing preferences. You can find more information here:
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If you are looking to create an original calendar with your photos try a website like which allows you to upload photos to create calendars. You can also find free calendars
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You can print a calendar by logging on to the free template download website for Microsoft Office. There have various shapes, sizes and layouts to choose from. ...
1. Open Microsoft Word and click "New Document." You can use programs such as Photoshop or InDesign, but Microsoft Word will produce the calendar for ...
1. Use a Microsoft Publisher template. Microsoft Publisher, part of the Microsoft Office suite, allows you to choose from several calendar templates or create ...
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