How to Print Postcards?


To print post cards using a word document Go to Start and then Programs followed by Microsoft Office and then Word and open up the Word program. Click the button up in the far left hand top corner. Click the first button on the drop down menu, which is New. Click postcard. Select a postcard of your choice and then double click it to download it and then edit and print it.
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1. Plan the content of your postcard beforehand. Then choose a post card size that fits your needs. You’ll find a variety of sizes, including 4-1/2 x 5-1/2, 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 5-
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I would suggest that you choose a good online postcard printing company to do the postcards for you. You can have consistent and professional printing for these. You can also save
1. Design the front of your postcard. You want to keep the front of your postcard as clean as possible. One or two eye catchy pictures along with a short paragraph will get people
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There are several sites which offer postcard printing services. Vista Print and My post card printing. You could use your word processing program to configure your printer to print from the pre-installed postcard templates. For more information look here: Post card printing services and instructions ;
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Anything from 10 or 20p for common (usually printed views) of well visited locations ie cathedrals, holiday resorts, to several pounds for village and town street ...
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