How do you program a Craftsman garage door opener?


A Craftsman Garage Door Opener can be programmed by identifying the learn button, and pushing it without holding on to the transmitter. The LED will show and garage door will now be programmed, make tests of the garage door and finally repeat the steps.
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1. Use the keypad on the motor unit to program the remote. Press the "Learn" button on the keypad. This will cause the indicator light to glow. Press and hold whichever
A garage door opener can be programmed very easily. Most of the time all you need to do is train your remote to the door motor, this is usually done by holding down the open/close
I have three genie garage openers and only 1 craftsman garage opener and i want to program the craftsman one to match the genie ones, how do you do this.
1. Clear the area of the garage directly beneath the opener mechanism. Remove any vehicles, toys or tools beneath the opener in case lubricant drips to the floor. 2. Apply lubricant
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How to Program a Craftsman Garage Door Opener
Garage door opener technology came about in World War II and was used to detonate remote bombs. When used as garage openers, there was a frequent problem when using the remote control device to open one's garage. It would open the garage door as... More »
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