How to program a noma timer?


There are several types of Noma timers, and would need specifics on which one you need instructions for. General instructions are to plug in what you are powering, then plug in timer. The red LED bars should appear, then you hit the only button it has and it should set it for dusk to dawn.
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Here is access to the instruction manual for this timer. I think you'll find it very helpful.….
I have a Noma outdoor timer I am trying to program and cannot find the instructions. It has a time button and a mode button with a small display window to see the time - does anyone
All Woods timers and manuals ttp:// N1506 manual: N1506 is heavy duty
1. Locate the instructions for setting the digital timer in its instruction manual. You may need to use the table of contents in the front or the index in the back to locate the exact
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Noma indoor timers are perfect for lamps, holiday lights, and fans. Noma timers feature one polarized outlet, up to 20 program settings, and 140 on/off settings ...
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