How to Program a Philips Universal Remote?


To program a Philips universal remote, you first need to turn on the device which could be a TV or DVD player that you want to use the remote for. Once the device is on, point the remote to the device and press the ÒCode searchÓ button on the remote and hold it until the light on the remote starts blinking. Select the device button, TV or DVD, on the remote to program.
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1. Turn on the component you wish to sync with your universal remote, such as your television or DVD player. 2. Press and hold the "Code Search" button on your remote. You
I purchased a Philips model# SRU5107WM17 remote and had same problem with my Mediacom cable/dvr. Could not find the codes in the in package nor on the Philips website. I had to do hope this helps.
If you give me the model number of your remote, I can tell
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How to Program a Philips Universal Remote
The Phillips universal remote can be bought as a useful alternative to a mess of electronics remotes for your entertainment center. Instead of separate remotes for your TV, VCR, DVD player and stereo, you can control all of these components with one... More »
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To obtain a manual for a remote control it is easiest to contact the company that produced the remote. They can provide troubleshooting help and possibly send ...
Switch on the TV or other device that you will be working with the universal remote, and press down the remotes setup until the red light on the universal remote ...
To enter a code for a Philips universal remotes, press and hold 'Code Search.' Determine which of the universal codes you need to use with the remote. Enter the ...
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