How to Program an Outdoor Light Timer?


Programming an outdoor lighting timer is a simple job. Anyone with basic electrical knowledge can perform this. Make sure before hand you cut the main circuit board. Locate the switch that controls your outdoor lighting and turn it on. Take off the switch plate with your screwdriver. If you have lights on more than one circuit, you will need to have multiple timers, and you will have to unscrew the other switches operating other chains of lights on those different circuits. Connect the new timer switch, which are usually color coded to make it easier. Set the timer to turn on and off at the desired times.
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1. Locate the switch that controls your outdoor lighting and turn it on. If there is more than one switch, turn them all on. Have someone go to the circuit breaker and start flipping
Those timer switches are hard to find, but they are quite simple. The directions on the boxes are easy to follow. Your problem may be the cover plate for both switches. Most of
There are several places where one can purchase outdoor light timers from. Some of these places include hardware stores, such as Home Depot, Rona, or Canadian Tire. They can also
1. Check your local codes relevant to outdoor lighting. It is important that you obey the law and follow the requirements to maximize safety and minimize risks. Ad. 2. Shut off the
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You can program an outdoor light timer according to the time of year. In the winter you might want it to go on at 5 pm and go off at 7 am.In the summer maybe 9pm and off at 5 am.
Because all are different, programming your light timer will depend on the make. If you do not have an owners manual, you can usually visit the manufacturers website and download one for free.
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