How to Program an Rca Universal Remote Control?


There are several steps to programming a universal remote. You will need access to either the manual or online instructions so that you can find out the codes to your components. Follow the link for more info .
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Things You'll Need. RCA Universal Remote Control. Instructions. Turn on the component you want to program. Press and release the component button on your remote that corresponds to
hold down device button when entering the 4 digit key.
1 Take inventory. The user manual that accompanied the remote listed the following number for the remote on the cover: "CRCU805MSL". It's not clear if this is the model
Button. If the component does not respond after five seconds, continue to
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RCA Remote Control Programming Instructions
RCA universal remotes will simplify your home entertainment lifestyle. Universal remotes bypass the need for a separate remote to control each individual component by integrating them all into one easy-to-use device. RCA has developed their universal... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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