How do you pronounce "acai" berry?


The word "acai" is pronounced "ah-sigh-EE" with emphasis placed on the end syllable. The acai berry is a small fruit similar in size to a grape. It grows on palm trees in South America.

Acai berries are used as food and for health reasons. The berries are often juiced or used as flavoring for tea and other beverages by local populations in South America. The berries are eaten whole or made into jelly just like any other fruit. The acai berry is often called a super fruit because of its nutritional profile. People around the world take acai supplements for their reported antioxidant benefits.

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Acai = Either pronounced ah-sigh-ee or uh-SAW-ee berries.I don't have the International Phonetic Alphabet on this keyboard, so that's as close as I can come to a pronunciation guide.Enjoy
Fresh berries are not readily available outside Brazil unless they are grown at home. The berries have a high fat content and go rancid within 24 hours of picking, making transportation
Açaí: a type of berry found in a type of palm tree native to South America;
Acai, a type of berry found in a type of palm tree native to South America is pronounced ah-sah-EE..
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