How to Pronounce Acai Berry?


The proper way to pronounce acai is 'Ah-Sigh-EE,' with emphasis on the last syllable. The acai berry has become quite popular as of late and can be found in juices, yogurts, and dessert items at your local grocery store, even though the fruit itself was likely grown and harvested in Brazil.
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Acai = Either pronounced ah-sigh-ee or uh-SAW-ee berries.I don't have the International Phonetic Alphabet on this keyboard, so that's as close as I can come to a pronunciation guide.Enjoy
Açaí: a type of berry found in a type of palm tree native to South America;
Acai Berry Maxx is a dietary supplement sold online. It has become popular with the introduction of the acai berry into mainstream culture. As with any supplement, it is not regulated
Acai, a type of berry found in a type of palm tree native to South America is pronounced ah-sah-EE..
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Acai berry Review
The Internet is saturated with weight-loss ads for acai (pronounced "ah-sigh-ee"), a Brazilian berry that is turned into pills... Read More »
Contains antioxidants
Health claims lack long-term proof
, Online companies may be scams
, Online reviews are often bogus
The correct pronunciation of acai is 'Ah-Sigh-EE'. Acai berry is very healthy fruit which can give you a burst of energy and help keep you looking younger!
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