How to Propose to a Man?


Find a ring that you think he will like.Take him to his favorite place. Drop the ring in his favorite drink and make sure he notices it .
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Ways to Propose to a Man
Many marriage traditions are based on old world rules. A man used to "take" a wife as property and a proposal was made to her father. Money, property or livestock was often figured into the exchange. We have progressed, but a stigma is still attached... More »
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To get a man to propose, the worst thing to do is rush him. Patience is a virtue! Show him that you would make a good wife by cooking him good meals, and always being there for him!
1. Determine if the man you want to marry is just shy with strangers, has low self-esteem in general, or is actually "love shy. A man with low self-esteem may never fulfill his
1 Do something different. A woman asking a guy to marry her is non-traditional. So, don't pressure yourself to go about this the traditional way. You don’t have to get down
tl; dr: It's liberating and magical at the same time. I've never been a strong believer in stereotypical gender roles and definitions. I have been brought up in a family that has
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What a women should give a man when proposing is not set in stone. If she wants to give him a ring, or engagement band, she can, however it isn't generally done. ...
According to tradition, a man usually proposes to a woman. However, there is no requirement for a marriage proposal. This means that a woman is just as capable ...
A man will propose when he feels he has found the person that he could spend his life with. A man may also propose for other reasons depending on his culture. ...
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