How to prune a bradford pear tree?


Learning how to prune a Bradford pear tree will ensure that it provides you with fresh fruit for a number of years. Any branches that look diseased or dead should be pruned away. If you have any branches on the central trunk that are closer than 15 inches from each other, cut the weaker one away. If you notice that larger branches are being rubbed by smaller branches, cut these smaller branches away. Any water sprouts near the tree's base should be removed.
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Bradford pears are widely grown for their showy, white spring blossoms. The best time to prune Bradford pear trees is in the winter or early spring, before you see those snowy blooms
Generally trees that bloom in early spring are pruned after they fi...
pears should be proned at the coldest possible time. your biggest fear is fire-blight which is a disease cause by bacteria which enters the tree via wounds. as for how- thin out the
Tree is at least 20 years old, 20' tall, and has never been pruned correctly so has grown out of control. Is it OK to cut it back to about 10' or should i just take it out,
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How to Prune a Bradford Pear Tree
Bradford pear trees are a common garden fruit tree, prized for their ease of care and the fruit they produce. Pruning a Bradford pear is essential to keeping the tree growing and healthy. Pruning helps maintain the appearance of the tree and keep it... More »
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You should prune a bradford pear tree in the first few years after it is planted so that its branches to not become too large. You should remove any branches that are dead. You should also remove all the ones that are dying. You can find more information at
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