How to Prune a Cheyenne Privet?


To prune a Cheyenne Privet, first start by trimming any dead foliage. You can then prune it to the desired shape and size.
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How to Prune a Cheyenne Privet
Cheyenne is a cultivar of semi-evergreen privet shrub, known botanically as Ligustrum vulgare. Native to the African continent it is prized for its creamy white spring flowers and deep green foliage. Like many cultivars of privet, it is also commonly... More »
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1. Examine your Cheyenne privet when watering or fertilizing to look for dying branches, brown foliage or signs of disease. Cut out any of these as you find them throughout the growing
The information I've found online about privet indicates that it's a hardy plant that can be trained and pruned to several shapes such as a tulip-shaped shrub or a single trunked
Watch this video from This Old House to learn how to prune a privet hedge. Steps:
Privet bushes must be properly trimmed before the weather starts getting cold outside. Learn to prune privet bushes with help from a landscape designer and horticulture writer in
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Cheyenne Privet is a fast-growing, hardy plant that can be trimmed to any shape. It is perfect for a background plant or as a trimmed hedge. The exceptional trait ...
Springtime would be the best time to slim a privet hedge every twelve months thus encouraging denser, thicker, healthier growth in the pending seasons therefore ...
1. Trim a privet hedge using sharp sterilized (blades soaked in bleach water for 20 minutes) gardening shears. Trim the plants so the base is slightly wider than ...
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