How do you prune a tangerine tree?


Tangerine trees do not require much pruning. However, when they do need pruning, suggests removing all suckers, cutting branches that rub or cross other branches, removing branches that appear dead, diseased or damaged, raking up the debris at the bottom of the tree, watering the tree until a puddle forms and painting all newly exposed areas of the tree bark.

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1. Determine when to prune. Pruning to restore vigor to a tree should be done before the spring growth flush. Severe pruning should be done when danger of frost has passed. Removing
1. Prune weeping willows during their dormant season, in late winter and before new growth begins. This stimulates more growth the next growing season and prevents damaging the plant
1. Cut open a tangerine fruit open and remove the seeds. 2. Prepare a planting medium by mixing equal amounts of potting soil and sand. Cut the drinking cups down to about 3 inches
1. Maintain the blades on your cutting tools to prevent bad cuts that can introduce disease, as well as to make your work easier. Hone the blades by swiping them over a sharpening
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How to Prune a Tangerine Tree
Tangerine trees growing in a home landscape do not normally require pruning. Citrus trees usually have an aesthetically pleasant growth habit and stay fairly compact. Pruning may be needed when the tree is damaged by cold and frost. Pruning may... More »
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