How to prune an apricot tree?


Apricot trees should be pruned either in the early spring or the latter part of winter, this is when the tree is in active growth mode. Because of this, any cuts you make will heal over quickly. As you cut a branch, you must cut where it connects to the trunk, referred to as the 'collar'. If you are pruning a branch, it should be cut just above the crotch, which is the point at with the offshoot connects to the main branch. You should remove any branches which are shooting off in odd directions or are taller than the trunk. Shape your tree to help ensure the sunlight can reach all the way in the center of the tree and use a sealant on every cut you make.
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How to Prune an Apricot Tree
To prune an apricot tree correctly, you must create an open space in the middle that gives the tree access to generous amounts of sunlight, cutting away dead branches to encourage fruit production. Help your apricot tree thrive with the aid of this free... More »
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When pruning an Apricot tree you should know the shape you desire for your tree. Next, remove any dead and dieing branches. Then trim and branches that are growing downward. Next, do not let any fruit sprout the first three years of your tree's life, this will preserve the quality of the future apricots to come. Lastly, trim small branches at the bottom and simply shape your tree to your liking.
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early spring or after the fruit has been picked. completly remove young growth that shoots strait up from side branches and open up the tree to light, without light the tree wont
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Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Roe Sie and I'm with Ninja Green, and I'm here to show you how to prune an apricot tree. The basic idea in pruning an apricot tree is ...
Pruning an apricot tree is quite simple. When pruning a young tree constantly cut the buds to prevent fruit from sprouting. When this is done it helps the quality ...
The best time to prune an apricot tree, is in the spring. You will want to prune, while they are sleeping. Do it before the tree starts growing. ...
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