How can I pull wire through conduit?


To pull wire through conduit most people start with a large fairly stiff wire. Then they hook one end to the wires and stretch the other through the conduit. Once it is hooked up they can just pull the wire through.
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1. Pull 3 to 4 feet of fish tape from the fish tape reel. With a dry rag, apply water-based lubricant to the exposed length of the fish tape. 2. Slide the lubricated end of the fish
If you've never pulled wire through conduit, it may seem a bit troubling. How in the world can one get wire to push through conduit, especially when the conduit run may be hundreds
1 Unwind several feet of the light string and feed a little bit of it into one end of the pipe. Ad 2 Start up the vacuum cleaner and attach it to the other end of the pipe. Try to
A 100 foot fish tape and wire lubrication will be needed to make this wire pull.
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How Do I Pull Wire Through a Conduit?
Pulling wire can be one of the most challenging do-it-yourself projects. However, learning this skill can be worth its weight in gold. Whether you are wiring a new outlet or running a line to a new Jacuzzi, your project doesn't have to be a catastrophe.... More »
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