How to Purge Your Stomach?


To purge your stomach is to make yourself vomit, or throw up. When people purge their stomach they usually do it by placing a finger into the back of their mouth to trigger a gag reflex. Other people will use the handle of a toothbrush and place it into the mouth towards the back of the throat until they gag and vomit.
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If you have bulimia and make yourself vomit then
Why don't you just do your own research online.You may get some answers that way as I'm sure there is a lot of helpful information online for bulimia/anorexia.☺.
Because purging is an un-natural event. Its not actually the stomach that hurts its the muscles in the abdomen that are hurting from the stress of expelling whatever is in your stomach
You feel full because your stomach shrank. Please find help asap. This is not healthy. Your teeth can fall out because of all the acid, the acid can cause permanent damage to your
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1. Sit or stand with a straight back and place your open hands flat on your stomach with the fingertips just touching. Breath in through your nose and push out ...
Binge eating can harm your body in various ways. It can confuse your body and make it hold onto weight. If it is followed by purging, it can damage both the stomach ...
Your stomach is stuffed after you eat a large meal. You will know it because you will feel uncomfortable, sluggish, bloated, your stomach will hurt, and you will ...
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