How to Purify Silver?


The easiest and most common way to purify silver is smelting. This requires high temperatures of 1450-2000 degrees Celsius (2600-3600 degrees F). Silver being a heavier element will sink to the bottom and be separated from the impurities. The silver is then drained out leaving the other elements behind.

Electrorefining or hydrometallurgy can also be used to purify silver, both of these use chemicals and are very dangerous.
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It is burned in the hottest part of the fire. If the silver is left in the fire to long it will be completely destroyed. Heat is the purifier.
it si purified through a special machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont ya know?? What is the name of the special machine?
The term silver salt is used when purifying silver. ChaCha for now!
Usually by electrolysis.
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