How to Put a 760 Pumpmaster Back Together?


The Crosman pumpmaster 760 rifle can be used as a single shot pellet gun or a BB repeater. The Crosman website has 3 different versions of their owner's manual available. If you want a picture of the rifle to put it back together, they also have a jpg and tif image available.
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There are 10 different versions of the air rifle. Here is the drawings for the first one ( see Link Below) go to the Crosman home page and click on "download a manual" to
Not taking one apart in the first place is the best plan. Crosman 760 Pumpmaster - Manual.…. It's probably time to buy another air
1. Plug in the keyboard and the mouse into the back of computer. Ad. 2. Hook up the cord with the blue ends to the screen and the desktop. 3. Then hook up one power cord to the desktop
1. Reattach the handle. Hold the large part of the handle in place where it joins the smaller part and insert the hand knobs. Flip the large part of the handle to its vertical position
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First assemble the trigger apparatus on the left side of the gun. Once this is done it will be easier to put the two sides of the gun back together and reassemble ...
The process of taking apart and putting back together an airsoft gun can vary greatly depending on the type of gun you are dealing with. Generally screws are involved ...
To give the correct information on how to but a BB gun back together the make and model of the gun are needed. There are many different types of BB guns and they ...
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