How to Put a Car in Neutral without the Key?


Blocks should be placed behind the wheels before putting the car into neutral. An automatic car can be put in neutral without a key by moving the transmission switch under the car. In a manual vehicle, press the clutch and then shift into neutral. The steering wheel will still be locked.
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1. Position wheel blocks either in front of or behind all four tires in order to safely keep the car in place. The Auto Car Repair website explains that not using wheel blocks or
You can't put a car in any gear, including neutral without the key.
With the way cars are made these days the is a latch you can pull on that is inside of the trunk that will open it up for you if you happen to get locked in a trunk.
On my 93 Metro on the console (at the end towards the back seat ) there is a square button, it pulls out, and when you pull it out you can change gears, of course you still have to
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