How to Put a Dog down at Home?


For a quick and painless death, you could take the dog outside and shoot it. But that's not an appropriate way to put a dog down. To be humane, you should take your dog to the vet and let the vet administer a euthanasia solution. It is very quick, it's painless, it's inexpensive and you don't have to participate.
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It dose not cost much usually under $50 but could be more. Vets charge different prices and will take care of the body for you. The procedure is painless and quick.
1. Decide where you'd like to put your dog to sleep. Your veterinarian can schedule an appointment at his office, though many veterinarians can perform the procedure at your home.
I believe that would be along the lines of a short walk into the woods with a shotgun.
1. Know that it was the right thing. Your dog was probably suffering already, and putting them down stopped their pain. They are now in a much better place where they are no longer
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Although, I can certainly understand your reasoning for wnatinf to do so, it is really better to to this in a vet's office or at your local shelter. You can always stay with your dog, and you know it will be done in the proper manner.
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