How to Put a Futon Together?


There are some different styles in futons so it is hard to say exactly how you would put the one you have together. You can try the manufacturers website alot of times they have print out directions or a phone number to call for assistance. For more information look here: Here is a site that can be of help when Putting a Futon Together;
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1. Remove the hardware from the box and sort it by size. This is always a good idea when you have a large number of nuts, washers and bolts. There’s usually an instruction sheet
each futon is could possibly look up the directions online if you know the brand of futon.
1 Organize your closet. A lot of times when we don't know what to wear or how to put together an outfit it means that it is time to organize our closet. Organizing means it will be
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How to Put a Futon Bed Together
Futons are an attractive and inexpensive choice for furnishing a home. They are useful because they are not only a comfortable couch, but can easily be made into a comfortable bed. Most futons are constructed in a similar way using similar parts and... More »
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Putting a futon together is quite time consuming. So the best way to make sure it is done correctly and in order to avoid injury is to use the directions which should be included in the package when it was purchased. If you do not have the directions, it is best to call the manufacturer for a copy and follow the directions very carefully.
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