How to Put a Lien on a Car.?


1. Locate the work order, estimate or invoice signed by the customer which allowed you to proceed with the needed car repairs. 2. Check with the statute in your state to make sure you follow all of the necessary steps. You can get your state's
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How to Put a Lien on a Car
If you want to file a lien on a car, there are certain steps you must follow. The actions you take should be consistent with laws and regulations within your own county and state. Placing a lien on a car can help you collect on a debt that someone owes... More »
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In order to put a lien on a property it would first be wise to consult with an attorney, as this can be a very time consuming endeavor. You or your attorney can file for a judgment
Answer Contact the clerk of the district court in your jurisdiction. They will tell you the neccessary procedures. Which forms you need to fill out, have notarized, proof of your
Contact the clerk court in your jurisdiction for procedures and cos...
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A car lien is a document given legal authority that confirms a claim that the holder of the lien has upon a specifically identified vehicle. They are a by-product ...
To put a lien on a property you must have a judgment against that individual recorded against the title of their real property which may be land, a home, or a ...
To put a lien on a home you will need to file a civil suit in the county where the debtor lives. You will have to prove that a debt is owed and then the judge ...
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