How to Put a Minnow on a Hook?


There are three basic ways to put a minnow on a hook. The first is to hook the fish through the lips with the tail facing away from the hook. As the line is pulled, it will appear the minnow is swimming and attract other fish. The minnow can be hooked through the back as well, for similar effect. Alternatively, the minnow can be hooked through the underside, facing the line. When pulled the fish will look like it is swimming toward the line and attract fish.
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1. Fish a minnow out of whatever container you have it stashed in and hold it in your hand for thirty seconds. This will deprive the minnow of oxygen so that it won't flap around
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Use a small hook, run a hook through the bottom lips up into
Well the minnow is a very fragile fish from the north side of China & only like to come out when it is raining.The rain is a very comforting sound to the fish.Rain makes it feel
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When you are baiting a hook with a minnow to catch bass, it is preferred that the minnow be kept alive, so you will want to try to hook it on the 'lips' portion ...
For trolling, hook it through the lip. For bobber fishing, hook it through the top of the back and for free line fishing, hook it through the tail. ...
1. Spool the tip-up with 30- to 40-pound test braided line. If you are targeting northern pike, attach the braided line to a steel leader using a Palomar knot. ...
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