How to Put a Quilt Together?


To put a Quilt together, you need to look for backing material for your quilt that complements the quilt top and a color of your choice and cut the backing and the quilter's batting to dimensions longer and wider than your quilt top .You need to select a working place which is free to smooth all layers so as to get rid of wrinkles and pin the layers together with large safety pins. Baste the layers together with a contrasting thread that is easily visible. Add your border by folding and pressing the border in place and top-stitching.
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Different Ways to Put a Quilt Together
Quilting is an art that is often passed down through the generations. Quilts vary from the traditional combining of small scraps of unmatched fabric, to elaborate appliqued scenes, to single pieces of material sewn together with batting in between.... More »
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Putting a quilt together is pretty easy. It just takes time and very good sewing skills. Tell me are you making a quilt for a new baby? If so this will be a great gift. For more information
1. Choose backing material for your quilt that complements your quilt top. A solid color is the best choice. You can either purchase fabric and piece it together to create the backing
Making quilt blocks is as enjoyable as it is fulfilling. Just imagine making all those pieces with your own creativity. Once done, the only thing left for you to do is to put together
When you learn how to put together a skateboard, you'll gain a sense of accomplishment that you wouldn't get from just buying a pre-assembled skateboard at a skate shop. Whether you're
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