How to Put Alcohol into a Watermelon?


Hold the watermelon upright and make a small hole at the top. With a funnel slowly pour the desired amount of alcohol in the watermelon and let sit until it is all soaked in. Dont eat too much of it though.
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1. Remove the cap from a bottle of alcohol such as rum or vodka. Trace the circular shape of the cap with a pencil onto the rind of the watermelon to create the plug. 2. Carve the
A drunken watermelon uses a fifth of vodka. Cut a hole in the top of the watermelon. Add
You can actually put just about any kind of alcohol into eggnog. Most will use southern comfort, but rum, and brandy is another common alcohol that is used.
If you like sweet i'd try Bacardi Razz. I would stay away from anything that has 'orange' fruit flavours. But regularl vodka with maybe a hint of cranberry juice could be great, the
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To make an alcoholic watermelon you you need to cut a hole into the top of the melon.You then add the alcohol of your choice and let it soak into the melon. ...
To plant a watermelon, you can jumpstart by putting them in containers with soil indoors and then moving them into the ground when they are ready. You can find ...
Step one: obtain alcohol. Step two: obtain syringe. Step three: put alcohol in syringe. Step four: eat syringe. ...
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